GRIT- do you have it? Have you reached the PEAK?


Pictured left to right: Anders Ericsson (Author of PEAK), Lauri Bonacorsi (Research Asst. to Angela Duckworth); Danny Southwick (Arena Football League; Masters under Carol Dweck and Ph.D Candidate); Susan Teeter (Princeton Swimming Coach & President of College Swimming); Rebecca Nyquist-Baelen (Penn Ph.D. candidate and Research Asst. to Angela Duckworth); Terry Laughlin (Total Immersion Videos & Books) and last, but certainly not least Angela Duckworth (Author of GRIT and Head of the Character Lab at UPENN)

I had the great fortune of being invited by Angela Duckworth, to sit in a think tank with all of the great minds pictured above.  This was in honor of her collaborative work with the renowned  Anders Ericsson, who is presently a Professor at Florida State.  From 11am to 5pm we talked non-stop and ran out of time!  I encourage you if you’re reading this entry, to check out Anders book, PEAK and Angela’s book GRIT.