It’s time for women to be elected to the USA Swimming Board of Directors. It’s time for a seat at the table…it is, after all, 2018- not 1972.

15 Nominees, 6 are women and 9 are men.  It’s up to the USA Swimming membership to make a vote that will change the narrative of the future.  If you have a vote, please consider what women sitting on a Board can do to change the future.  Research proves that Fortune 500 companies who have 3 or more women sitting on their Board OUTPERFORM their competitors.  The time to elect them is NOW.  Take a moment to read all the amazing people who have offered their time and energy to make our sport better.

2018 Nominees for Board of Directors

Video Statements

2018 Board Nominee: Nathan Adrian (1:36)

2018 Board Nominee: Natalie Coughlin Hall (2:49)

2018 Board Nominee: Bradley Craig (2:03)

2018 Board Nominee: Maya DiRado (2:50)

Nominee Bios

Below are the nominees for the USA Swimming 2018 Board of Directors in alphabetical order. The nominees for election are presented by the USA Swimming Nominating Committee.

On September 29, 2018, the House of Delegates will elect six (6) at-large Directors, at least two of whom will be “semi-independent” (individuals with a demonstrable connection to the sport, but who have not previously been members of the House of Delegates).  In addition, on September 28, the Athletes Committee will elect three (3) Athlete Directors.

Athlete Nominees

Nathan AdrianNathan Adrian

Hello, all my name is Nathan Adrian. I am a current USA Swimming National Team member preparing for the 2020 Olympics. I have been a member of USA Swimming for almost 25 years and been a part of the National Team for 10 of them. In that time, I went from wide eyed 19-year-old watching Michael Phelps achieve the impossible to a veteran who has been around the block.

I have applied for an athlete position on the USA Swimming Board of Directors. As an athlete I started in an era where we felt like our voices were never heard. Recently, there has been a huge (and appreciated) effort to change that. I hope to further this agenda by helping to bridge the gap between the National Team members and the governance that affects us all. My vision for this role is to represent the interests of the National Team as a whole, not any given individual or subset of the group.


Natalie Coughlin HallNatalie Coughlin Hall

I have been ex-officio, non-voting member of the USA Swimming Board of Directors since 2016 due to my elected USOC Athlete Advisory Council position. I have been a member of USA Swimming for 30 years, starting as an age group swimmer at age 6. I was a National Team member for over 18 years and an NCAA swimmer for 4 years. I have experienced every level of this sport from beginner to Olympic champion. Along the way, I have made many great relationships with USA Swimming staff, former and current National Team members, as well as countless volunteers. Swimming has undoubtedly changed my life for the better. I am grateful for the many years that I competed for USA Swimming whether at the age group or Olympic level. I would love to continue to participate on the USA Swimming Board of Directors to continue to be a voice for the athletes and give back to the sport that has given me so much.


Chief Aspirer at Aspiricx – December 2017 – Present

Vintner & Co-Founders at Gaderian Wines – March 2017 – Present

Brand Ambassador at Luvo Inc – May 2015 – Present

Brand Ambassador at Nulo Pet Food – February 2014 – Present

Professional Athlete at Speedo — April 2004 – Present

Education University of California at Berkeley – Psychology, 2005

Honors & Awards – U.S. Olympic Team Captain, 2008 Beijing Olympics; U.S. Olympic Team Captain, 2012 London Olympics; Cal Athletics Hall of Fame; PAC-12 Swimmer of the Century


Bradley CraigBradley Craig

I started ‘swimming’ when I was three and my brother was less than a year old, we were the ‘demo’ toddler and baby for my babysitter’s swim school. By the age of six, my parents had signed me up for my local club team the Midland Dolphins. Over the coming twenty plus years, my parents ferried me from practice to practice, sport to sport, meet to meet and game to game. I tried multiple sports over the years but the one that was my passion was swimming. I slowly climbed the ranks of the sport going from States to Sectionals, Grand Prix’s, Juniors, Nationals, Short Course Worlds, Pan American Games and a few Olympic Trials. The sport of swimming allowed me the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, experience different cultures and ultimately earn my degree and compete for the University of Tennessee. Through those years I competed for SEC titles, attended NCAA championships and furthered my education. After graduating from the University of Tennessee I worked in Knoxville, began a professional swimming career and began to pursue my MBA. Having graduated from Central Michigan University with my MBA and ‘retired’ from swimming, it is time for me to give back to the sport that has opened so many doors for me, given me so many opportunities and helped shape me into the man I am today.


Maya DiRadoMaya DiRado

Approaching my 19th year as a member of USA Swimming, I’m honored to be considered for a position on the board of an organization that shaped my life in many wonderful ways.

My journey through USA Swimming took me from the club level with Neptune Swimming in Santa Rosa, California to the National Junior Team, collegiate swimming, and then Pan Pacific Championships, World Championships, and the Olympic Games. From my first 25-yard freestyle race as a six-year-old to my final, gold-medal winning race in Rio, USA Swimming played a crucial part in my development as an athlete and teammate.

In life on dry land, I graduated from Stanford University in 2014 with a degree in Management Science & Engineering and went on to work at McKinsey & Company before making the move the social sector. At King Philanthropies, I now work to alleviate extreme poverty by supporting high-performing organizations working where needs and challenges are greatest.

The lessons to be learned and experiences to be had through swimming are unmatched in the world of youth sports. USA Swimming has created a wonderful environment for young athletes to develop their competitive drive, appetite for hard work, and leadership abilities while also perpetually fielding the world’s most successful swim team. The possibilities to expand the sport, create additional opportunities for the nation’s best swimmers, and continue to develop the best and healthiest environment in youth sports excites me tremendously, and I hope to continue to be a part of this organization for many years to come.


Andrew GemmelAndrew Gemmell

Swimming has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I was learning to swim before I could walk, and the sport has stayed with me ever since. I have competed in mini meets, summer league meets, high school and college meets. And through a lot of hard work and an incredible amount of support, I was a national team member for nine years, representing USA Swimming at World Championships and the Olympic Games. Towards the end of my career, I realized I had more to give back to the sport. While my experiences with USA Swimming have been overwhelmingly positive, I felt like there was still room to grow and improve, and I wanted to help USA Swimming get there. Since 2014, I have been involved in both local and national levels of governance in trying to make sure that future swimmers, of all levels, have even better opportunities than I had. I want every athlete to have the chance to fall in love with the sport that I love. I am hopeful that I will to continue to be able to serve USA Swimming as a member of the Board of Directors and help guide the organization to an even brighter future.


Davis TarwaterDavis Tarwater

Davis Tarwater is a speaker, investor, entrepreneur, and 2012 Olympic Gold medalist as a member of 4 x 200 free relay in the London Games. After a distinguished athletic career that included competing in three World Championships (2005, 2007, and 2009), Davis also held the American record in the 200-meter butterfly (SCM) from 2011-2013 and won three NCAA titles at the University of Michigan. He retired from professional swimming in 2012.

In 2013, Davis co-founded Gulfstream Capital, LLC, a private wealth management firm located in Knoxville, TN, where he remains a partner. Additionally, he speaks and consults with athletes, entrepreneurs and businesses on how to effectively engage transition.

Davis earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Oxford (2010) in Latin American Studies and his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michigan (2006). During his senior year at Michigan, he was awarded the prestigious Big Ten Medal of Honor, given to the University’s top student athlete.

Davis also serves his community by participating on a variety of non-profit boards. He is the Board President of Tennessee Aquatics, the largest swimming club in Knoxville. Additionally, in his local community, he serves on the board of the Webb School of Knoxville and the East Tennessee YMCA. Finally, he has served as a member of the USA Swimming Board of Directors, participating on the investment committee and national board of review.

At-Large Nominees

Christopher BreartonChris Brearton

From the moment I watched Steve Lundquist win the breaststroke gold at the 1984 Olympic Games, I was hooked. It was that moment when I fell in love with swimming.

I was fortunate to be able to capitalize on that passion: first, as an age group swimmer and, ultimately, as a college swimmer at the University of Georgia.

After hanging up my swimsuit, I was able to fuel my passion as a media and sports attorney. For over 20 years, I advised sports organizations in their media rights, sponsorship and event hosting matters. Most notably, I advised the International Olympic Committee on their global media strategy, host city analysis and US relations for over 15 years.

Earlier this year, I left the practice of law to help run a movie studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), as their Chief Operating Officer. While working at MGM has presented a new and exciting challenge, I greatly miss the world of amateur sports and swimming.

I can now think of no better way to continue my passion than to join USA Swimming. I want to help ensure that we have ubiquitous water safety and education, strong youth participation, and more than our fair share of swimmers competing at the highest levels of international competition.

Quite simply, having the chance to join the Board of USA Swimming would be a dream come true and my chance to give back to the sport that has meant so much to me for so long.


Ellen ColketEllen Colket

Who would have thought Tarzan started my journey into this sport when I was only three years old? More specifically, the actor Johnny Weissmuller, a five-time Olympic freestyle gold medalist. After running into him on a family vacation at the pool, my love for the sport ignited like an overeager girl scout’s first campfire. From being a swimmer to officiating to coaching to currently serving as Vice Chair of Finance and Treasurer for PVS Swimming, I never could have imagined how enriching and rewarding this adventure has been.

In addition to putting my time into swimming, I have also cultivated an extensive business resume that I am excited to incorporate into USA swimming. My experience includes personally consulting the likes of multinational corporations such as Chevron, Skanska, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, and Bechtel. The unique learning opportunities from being involved with officers facing the most challenging situations in their businesses and boardrooms have allowed for me to develop a fine-tuned understanding of how to contribute to these corporations and enable them to stay ahead of the curve. My strength in addressing these challenges is my commitment to the success of all parties involved, by embodying the values of dignity, care, and respect to ensure a beneficial outcome for all.

As I sit here typing this, I can still feel the same flame I felt when I was three years old. I am grateful for the opportunities this sport has given to me and excited for the future of USA Swimming.


Carolyn ConradCarolyn Conrad

I’m Carolyn Conrad, and I’m a partner at an entertainment law firm with offices in Beverly Hills and New York City. I have spent over a decade representing actors, writers, directors, hosts, playwrights and musicians, and I have had the great fortune to represent nominees and winners of every major award in the industry. I also work with charity organizations on both coasts, including Opening Act (providing free after-school theater programs to NYC’s most under-served public high schools), Human Rights Watch and the Bowery Mission.

I grew up in Spring, Texas and swam for The Woodlands Swim Team. I continued to swim in college at both USC and UCLA, and was an NCAA All-American.

I believe that swimming, and my coaches and teammates along the way, truly changed the course of my life. Because of swimming, I was able to attend a college that would have otherwise been unaffordable to me. Because of swimming, I was able to travel, both domestically and internationally. Because of swimming, I learned focus, dedication and perseverance. Because of swimming, I learned how to be a teammate and how to be a captain.

Swimming has made me who I am today. The opportunity to serve on the USA Swimming Board of Directors, and give back to the sport and its athletes, would be an honor.


Cecil GordonDr. Cecil Gordon

It is an honor to be considered for a position on the USA Swimming Board of Directors. As a Life Member of USA Swimming, I have served on four National Committees, including International Relations, Rules and Regulations, Diversity and Inclusion and Safe Sport. As Chair of both Diversity and Inclusion and Safe Sport, I am especially proud of our accomplishments. The Safe Sport Committee guided USA Swimming through a period of needed change at a critical change for the organization. That change continues to shape USA Swimming, even today. Recently I joined the USA Swimming Foundation Board in 2016.

I’ve been an active official for twenty years and was selected as Starter for both the 2015 World Championships in Russia and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Additionally, I’ve been a part of the last three Olympic Trials in Omaha.

Outside of swimming I’ve served on numerous boards in my community, including charter schools, medical, philanthropic and the Episcopal Church Vestry. Currently, I am a member of the Christiana Care Health Services Trustee Board and previously was Vice President of the Delaware Board of Medical Practice. Professionally, I have maintained a private medical practice in Delaware since 1984.

All of these experiences I will rely on if elected to the Board of Directors. It is essential that our organization continues to grow and impact the communities we serve. It is equally important that we embrace diversity at all levels and invite everyone to be a part of our vision and mission. I look forward to that challenge and humbly request your support.


Jacquelyn Poland HoaglandJacquelyn Poland Hoagland

My name is Jacquelyn Poland Hoagland.  I was a swimmer. I am a swimmer. I will always be a swimmer.  I am a wife and mother of five.  I am a swim parent. I have been a swim coach. I was an ocean lifeguard.  I am an attorney. I am a member of the local Board of Education and I serve as the board’s chair of the policy committee. I am also a member of the negotiation and finance committee for the board. I am a past vice president of the local PTO.  I am a member of the charity organization the Central Jersey Spinal Cord Association and have been a trustee of the non-profit Colts Neck Fair.

I was born in Newark, N.J., and raised in Kearny, N.J., until age 12 and then Sea Girt, N.J.  I have resided in Colts Neck, N.J., for 24+ years.  I graduated from Furman University in Greenville, S.C., in 1985 and was a member of the Furman swim team all four years.  I graduated from Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, N.J., in 1988 and passed the New Jersey bar that year.  I was law clerk to the Hon. John E. Keefe, J.A.D. in 1988-89 and have been employed at Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst and Doukas LLP my entire career since.  I was a partner at the firm from 1995 through 2003 and have been of counsel since having my fourth child.

I am deeply honored to be considered for this position.


Amy HoppenrathAmy Hoppenrath

Amy’s expertise is in strategic planning, marketing and communication.  Practicing servant leadership, she believes in building a shared vision through collaboration. It is extremely important to her that the volunteer spirit at USA Swimming remains through the governance evolution and that our membership continues to have a voice.

Views on strategic focus of the new board:

Safe Sport: Going from good to great means looking at how USA Swimming can strengthen support to survivors, athletes, coaches, clubs and LSCs during crisis situations and beyond.

Growing our 10 & under base:  USA Swimming needs to shift the tides and its thinking. While the Flex Membership program is a good start, the focus needs to be on additional strategies to garner and retain our younger athletes.

Communication: A good program is only as good as the communication around it.  Every new initiative (and maybe some of the older ones), needs to have an internal and external communications plan.


  • Married:  John – 36 years
  • Children: Two – Blaine & Michael
  • Education:  University of Kansas/BSJ
  • Profession:  Director of Strategic Marketing for large regional accounting firm



  • CZ Non-Coach Director (2014 – present)
  • Missouri Valley Admin Vice-Chair (2014 – present)
  • USAS Audit Committee (2016 – present)
  • National Officials Committee – Communications Chair (2012 – 2014)
  • Woman in Officiating Task Force Chair (2010 – 2011)


  • Olympic Trials (2012 & 2016)
  • Pro Series Referee/Minneapolis (2015)
  • Grand Prix Meet Referee/Missouri (2011) & Austin (2013)
  • Junior National Meet Referee (2013)
  • FINA list #18 & #20 Pan Pac Referee (2014)

Will IndestWill Indest

Will Indest recently retired from his position as a General Partner with Draper Triangle Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm, and is now focusing on volunteer activities within swimming.

Over the course of his career as an engineer, business executive, and board member and Chair, Will has held leadership positions including worldwide division general manager with ABB, and chairman of the board, committee leadership roles and directorships on more than 15 boards of directors, including not-for-profit and for-profit companies. Will has also completed formal training in business strategy, finance, and board operations, including his master’s degree and specialized strategy training, including the executive program at Wharton.

At Draper Triangle Ventures, Will was responsible for choosing investments and serving on company boards to achieve investment success. Prior, Will held several positions at TechColumbus Investments Inc., including CEO, where he also gained board and management experience, reporting to and serving on several boards of directors.

Prior, Will served in a variety of management, sales, marketing and engineering positions at ABB and the State of Ohio.

Will currently serves as a national official with USA-S and USA ParaSwimming, and officiates and runs meets for NCAA, high school and summer league programs, contributing more than 500 volunteer hours per year for the last several years.

A native of New Orleans, Will earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master’s degree in management (focusing on strategy and finance) from the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Will lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, and two children, swimmers all.


Albert KrallAlbert “Ab” Krall

I am excited about the opportunity to serve the swimming community and help build on the excellent environment that USA Swimming has created to reach young athletes everywhere.

I believe I can contribute meaningfully to the board of USA Swimming. I spent a 35-year career at Accenture and Deloitte Consulting helping clients to achieve their goals, simultaneously focusing on the career aspirations of motivated professionals to guide them to successful work and a balanced lifestyle.

At my alma mater, the University of Maryland, I have spent the past seven years on the Board of Advisors for the Smith School of Business, including terms as board vice chair and chair. I am also an adjunct professor teaching an MBA consulting class. I served seven years as a board trustee and strategy lead for a K-12 private school as we navigated challenging growth issues.

In the swimming world, I am entering my second elected term as the board president of the Naval Academy Aquatic Club (NAAC) in our hometown of Annapolis, Maryland. By adhering to a strategic quad plan developed by the board and head coach, our team is producing nationally ranked and well-rounded swimmers. As a former competitive swimmer, swim coach and father to a daughter excelling at NAAC, I recognize the importance of serving our sport.

My wife, Kristen, and I have three high-school aged children and are active community volunteers, leading charitable events and focusing our philanthropy on education, healthcare, sport and the environment.


Robert MarbutDr. Robert G. Marbut Jr.

I have a great passion for the sport of Swimming and have been in and around swimming for more than 47 years. As a 10-year-old, I started out as a club swimmer and later was a High School and College All-American swimmer and an All-American water polo player. I continued swimming as part of the sport of Pentathlon on the Olympic training squad (1980 Moscow boycott cycle) and competed in the Masters Nationals.

Even though I have been independent of the USA Swimming NGB proper, I am very knowledgeable of the sport of swimming, the work of NGBs and the internal operations of the USOC. Through my service as Chair of the NGB Council, as an officer of the USOC, as the President of the 1993 US Olympic Festival, and as Chair and Executive Director of the Pentathlon NGB, I have a deep understanding of NGBs, the USOC and the Olympic movement.

I also have a variety of national and international level experiences across the sectors of academia, government, marketing, business, sports and non-profits, including serving on the staff of President Bush (the Father).

When I was asked to apply as a Semi-independent Director I got excited about the possibility of giving back to my sport. Every great opportunity I have had in my life from working as a senior staffer to the President of the United States to traveling the world as an athlete/administrator, all directly tie back to swimming.

I appreciate your consideration of my candidacy.


Derek PaulDerek Paul

My name is Derek Paul. I started swimming when I was six years old and swam almost every week thereafter until I was 22. The sport of swimming has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember and remains to be today.

I believe I can offer this organization a unique perspective and expertise as a board member. I practiced law for four years after finishing my swimming career and formal education at the University of Tennessee. While doing so, I remained connected to the sport both locally and nationally by volunteering with Tennessee Aquatics and USA Swimming. Recently I have re-entered the swimming world full time by working with my alma mater and Tennessee Aquatics.

When I stepped back from the wet side of the sport in 2012 I asked my age group coach what I could do to stay involved. Luckily, he suggested I volunteer my time to USA Swimming. It’s been my pleasure to serve this organization for the past six years. I have been honored and humbled to be able to interact with so many dedicated individuals whose passion for the sport of swimming is unrivaled. I would be honored if you would vote for me to serve on this board of directors for another term.


Jeanette SkowJeanette Skow

I began my lifelong connection to swimming as a young age-grouper in NY and NJ metro area leagues which included competing at numerous state, regional, and national championships. My swimming career culminated at Princeton University, where I competed all four years and was a letter winner. I was also a four-year member of Air Force ROTC. Upon graduating from Princeton in 1998, I proudly served our country as an Air Force officer for 20 years stateside, overseas, and in combat zones in what was a very exciting, challenging, and rewarding career first as an intelligence officer and later as an attorney in the JAG Corps.

Swimming has been such a big part of my life and I am thrilled to still be connected to the sport through my daughter. It has been a pure highlight of my life watching her thrive in age-group competition the last three years and grow to truly love the sport. Becoming a swimming parent has given me a whole new perspective and a renewed passion to be more involved.

As a recent military retiree and reflecting on how to spend my time, I keep coming back to volunteer service as a significant option. I cannot think of a more appropriate way to spend my time than giving back to the sport that gave me so much. I am eager to contribute my time, skills, and passion to USA Swimming.

I reside with my husband and our daughter in Las Cruces, NM.


Susan TeeterSusan Teeter

Susan Teeter recently retired after 33 seasons as head coach of the Princeton women’s swim program in 2017, and after 40 years in coaching. She currently volunteer coaches at Rider University for the men’s and women’s teams. Teeter racked up over 219 dual meet victories, and guided Princeton to 17 Ivy League titles. Teeter serves as the Ex-Officio President of the College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association (CSCAA). She is the President of S. S. Teeter Associates, a Leadership and High Performance Consulting company. Teeter is the Co-founder of the Summit in Women’s Swimming. She is a level 5 USA Swimming coach.

Teeter was honored with the prestigious CSCAA “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2011 and the National Collegiate and Scholastic Trophy in 2017. She earned the ASCA Award of Excellence six times. In 1988, she received the Master Coach Award from the CSCAA for her contributions to collegiate swimming. In 2015, she was awarded the USAS Most Outstanding Woman.

Teeter was a member of the 1996 + 2000 Olympic Swimming staff in Atlanta and Sydney.

Teeter is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She lives in Cranbury, New Jersey.

Teeter would like to help USA Swimming address recent issues around safe sport, create a better meet structure using a college dual meet model to enhance participation, shorten meet time frames and improve spectator involvement. She would also like to address women in coaching and enhance benefits to club coaches for healthcare and retirement.


Jay ThomasJay Thomas

USA Swimming has experienced an unprecedented period of prosperity. To keep the future of our sport secure, we must first ensure the absolute security and protection of our most valued resource, our athletes.  We must support programs that strengthen our clubs – they are the lifeblood of our organization. Going forward we need to build on our successes in a careful, measured manner which leverages our strengths to solidifies a sound future.  I would be honored to serve you on the Board or Directors.


Age: 57

College: Clemson University – ’82 – B.S. Administrative Management

Military Service: Commander, United States Naval Reserve, Retired – 2002 – 20 years of service.

Two Children: Barbara – UNC-’10, Morgan – USC-Upstate -‘12

Professional – Commercial Airline Pilot – 23 years; Area Developer – Orangetheory Fitness – 5 years

LSC Service

Official – 1997-Present

Officials Committee Chair – 2003-2007

LSC Board of Directors, 2005-2009

Records Chair, NTV Chair, LSC Webmaster

National Service

USA Swimming Board of Directors – 2000-2014

Times and Recognition Committee – 2006 – 2009

Rules and Regulations Committee – 2008 – present, Chairman 2015-present

Official’s Committee – 2015-Present

Women in Officiating Task Force

International Service

FINA Official – 2008-2016

UANA – Union Americana de Natacion – Technical Swimming Committee Secretary – 2011-Present

Major Projects

Transgender Task Force – 2018

Task Force Chair – USA Swimming Safe Sport Review (Vieth Report) – 2014

On-Line Meet Entry System – testing team

SWIMS – LSC Records Portal – development and testing team


Tom UgastTom Ugast

I am the Chief Executive Officer of Nation’s Capital Swim Club in the metro Washington, D.C., area. We have approximately 50 coaches and 1,850 athletes in our competitive USA Swimming program. We have another 350 swimmers in our developmental program along with one swim school.

I applied to be considered as a candidate because I feel I can help with our new Board structure to think strategically about our long-term success.

I currently serve as the General Chair of Potomac Valley Swimming with 12,500 athletes, 561 coaches and 667 officials. My goal on the Board is to listen to all members of our NGB including athletes, coaches, officials and parents to achieve our goals as an organization.

The most important goal is that we give every athlete the opportunity to reach his or her potential. We also need to make sure they are in a safe environment, so Safe Sport will be paramount to meeting our goals. I will also make sure I represent the concerns of coaches and officials to our staff. We cannot do what we do without your commitment and support and I will listen.

The new Board will be tasked with counseling our staff to carry out the mission of our NGB. I believe we have a great staff of employees and I want to make sure we are giving them the resources to meet our goals. Thanks for your time and I am happy to meet with you in Jacksonville.


Robert VincentRobert Vincent

Bob’s first experience as a Director was with the Alexandria Rotary Club Board where he learned, and still practices, the concept of “service above self.” He has served for over 10 years on the Board of the Professional Services Council, the Voice of the Government Services Industry. He is in his 15th year on the Board of Directors of Florida Citrus Sports (Selection Committee) scouting football for the Citrus and Camping World Bowl games.

He has been involved at all levels of swimming including President of a parent-owned club, LSC Treasurer, Zone Officials Chair, and currently serves as Finance Vice Chair of USA Swimming. Bob also served on the task force that helped to create the new Board Governing Policies Manual.

Bob earned an Education degree at the University of South Carolina and a master’s Degree in General Administration from the Business School at the University of Maryland, University College. After teaching for three years he opened a Domino’s Pizza franchise that ranked in the top 2% of sales, worldwide. In 1987 he sold the franchise and began working for VW International, Inc., a healthcare facilities company. Bob now owns that company and continues to serve as President and CEO.

He believes that all USA Swimming goals (“Ends”) should be athlete focused, coach driven, staff executed, and volunteer supported. Our Board should have the right resources in place, along with a monitoring and accountability plan, to ensure success at all levels throughout the organization.

Bob is married to Erin and they have two daughters, Mandy and Taylor, both former college swimmers. He is an active supporter of the USA Swimming Foundation.