Behavior & Value Analysis

DISC Behavior reporting
The DISC Insights reports are geared towards the professional in coaching, managing, business or leadership.  In some respects, a sports team is the same as any other group of employees at a business. In other respects, it is quite different. The DISC report takes crucial differences into account and provides information on an individual’s style of behavior.
Defining Unique Styles
In today’s competitive marketplace, success in selling/coaching/leading is more challenging and requires a higher level of skill.  DISC reports provide computer generated reports that give professionals a broad understanding of their natural style. The software can analyze behavior, values, strengths, weakness and areas of growth. Because all people are unique, no two reports are alike.
Giving Clients and Teams What They Want
People trying to grow want excellent service along with top quality leadership. They want compatible, honest relationships with their athletes, employees, managers and coaches, as well as custom-made solutions to their problems. Our DISC report offers insight on how to adapt a specific style to deliver what they want and need to grow and perform.
Understanding Perceptions of Those You Lead
Overextended strengths can often be perceived as weaknesses. Our DISC report identifies these perceptions and provides information on how, under certain conditions (tension, stress or fatigue), clients, athletes, other coaches and managers may see this behavior as negative. This knowledge will help the professional create an image that is positive and supportive in any situation.
Overcoming The “Slump”
Ninety percent of all professionals, coaches and leaders who experience a slump have merely lost sight of the behavior it takes to be successful. When they are “on a roll,” they project confidence and success. In a slump, that projected behavior is unsure and careful. The DISC report can quickly turn a “slump” into success.
Report Contents
• Value to the Organization
• Checklist for Communicating
• Words that don’t work in Communicating
• Tips for improvement
• Ideal Environment
• Perceptions
• Descriptors
• Natural and Adapted Styles
• Adapted Style
• Keys to Motivating
• Keys to Managing
• Areas for Improvement
• Action Plan
• Behavioral Hierarchy
• Style Insights®Graphs
• The Success Insights® Wheel

Results and Benefits
An investment in the DISC report will yield immediate results and valuable benefits in several areas by showing how to:
• Spot winners with a reliable selection method.
• Evaluate the performance of both new and
existing employees, staff, clients and athletes.
• Maximize the team’s effectiveness.
• Coach the team for maximum results.
• Hire the person who fits the company, team or programs needs.
• Bring a person out of a slump and back on a winning track.
• Reduce turnover and new hire training costs.
• Boost your program—the ultimate business objective.
Provided by:  S. S. Teeter Associates, LLC