Team Building & Leadership Workshops


What they are saying:

“I had Susan work with my team at the beginning of this season and the results have been phenomenal.  The workshop she performed has put our team in a great place and propelled us into great season thus far.  As the season progresses we continue to draw upon her work on a weekly basis to help improve our team.  Susan went above and beyond my expectations of what a three hour team building activity could accomplish.  If you are looking for a productive way to enhance your team I would highly recommend Susan!”    Phil Spiniello- Head Coach, Rutgers Women’s Swimming

TEAM Building: Simple Solutions!

TEAM building is an art.  Coach Teeter can help you build a program for a day, a weekend or a yearlong plan for a University Athletic department.  Our program will be tailored to your needs as a coach and address the things you want your team to hear, know and understand.  Contact us today for packages and pricing.  Our workshops can be very powerful sources of motivation.

What might a workshop look like?

The most powerful way to run a workshop is to start with our Behavioral Analysis for you, your staff and your athletes.  This takes your team to a level most teams cannot reach.  Your workshop does not have to include this or can include part of this for staff only. It is highly recommended.

Next- we will have an intake call with the Head Coach to go over goals and needs.

A schedule might look like:

Coach Teeter arrives in the morning
Lunch with Head Coach and staff
Potential meeting with Seniors or Captains

Team check –in and rules for the weekend
Team Building exercise
Dinner Break
Team topic and learning piece


Start time TBA by coaches and training schedule
Team check-in
Team exercise
Short Break
Team exercise
Team check-out

We will spread out breaks throughout the day to keep everyone comfortable and attentive.  This will be a team participating workshop, not a lecture while everyone sits still.

Exercises are built to:
Team communication
Teach Respect
Teach acknowledgement
Reinforce team rules, structure, expectations
Captains- what’s their role?
And the list goes on……………