“The team building exercises I experienced and life skills I learned during my time with Coach Teeter prepared me for life outside the pool in ways that I could never have imagined as a senior in High School in 2006. Learning to lead by example, listen carefully to others, and communicate in a more effective manner has helped me get to where I am in my career and person life today.  If that’s not one definition of “Education through Athletics,” then I don’t know what is.” 

– Alicia Aemisegger, Princeton Class of 2010 and Princeton’s Athlete of the Decade

I had Susan come to Purdue before the NCAA Swim Championships to be a guest speaker at our Boilermaker Athletic Council meeting (which consists of all the captains or chosen leaders from each sport)  I asked her to speak on the subject of the correlation of good leadership and performance.  Our meeting is at 6:30AM so it takes a lot to get the athletes to be alert that early!  Susan gave an incredible talk titled “What does Leadership Have To Do With Winning?”   You could have heard a pin dropped….she had 100% of their attention!  She gave specific examples, sited names of Purdue athletes, sprinkled in some Purdue history, used humor, charm and yet definitely got her message across!  She really challenged our athletes.  I have known Susan for 25 years and have shared leadership ideas, team building concepts and the different DISC behaviors.  We both have a passion for empowering our student-athletes and teaching leadership.  If you or your administration need a consultant or someone to help you get your Leadership Program off the ground….Susan would be a great fit for you!!

-Cathy Wright-Eger – Purdue University
Director of the John Wooden Leadership Institute

Hi Susan

I appreciate what you did for our team.  I’ve had a lot of good conversation with my groups about the experience. I have received feedback from the kids, and it has initiated some pretty interesting conversations with them. I think one of the the huge things they got was that this stuff is REAL.  Their time here at Lakewood goes by quickly, and if they don’t perform at their best, they will not have an opportunity to move on to the next level. I think it helped them realize that. Thank you agaon for the opportunity…..I’m glad you were here.

– Jon Moore, Head Coach Lakewood Aquatics, Cerritos, CA

I had the privilege of working for Susan as her assistant coach from 1999-2001. These years forever changed my career and I am so grateful to Susan for the mentorship she gave me.

As a 23 year-old at the beginning of my professional career, Susan taught me how to effectively communicate, lead and inspire young women to not only achieve greatness in the pool, but to expect nothing less from the life ahead of them.  Susan’s personal approach to my growth as a coach made all the difference.  I learned how to present myself as a professional, how to utilize the resources around me and how to sell myself and our University to recruits, parents and administrators.  Ultimately, this helped me well beyond my years at Princeton.

Susan is an incredible leader and because of her guidance I am coaching one of the very best programs in the country.

  —Greg Meehan – Stanford University Head Women’s Coach

Susan and I have worked together in an organization called Woman Within for almost 10 years.  We work to heal ourselves as well as to bring emotional and spiritual healing to other women.  Susan is a stand out leader.  She is a woman of deep compassion and a great deal of wisdom.  Couple these qualities with charisma, integrity, and a dash of humor and you have a truly unique and wonderful woman!

Christie Miller – Facilitator, East Coast Sage Circle Administrator, Columbus, GA

I had Susan work with my team at the beginning of this season and the results have been phenomenal.  The workshop she performed has put our team in a great place and propelled us into great season thus far.  As the season progresses we continue to draw upon her work on a weekly basis to help improve our team.  Susan went above and beyond my expectations of what a three hour team building activity could accomplish.  If you are looking for a productive way to enhance your team I would highly recommend Susan!

—Phil Spiniello – Head Coach, Rutgers University Women’s Swimming


You have set us in the right direction, so thank you again!

-Mike Cody, Head Coach of Trident Aquatics; Las Puente, CA

Susan Teeter was one of our main facilitators in our first USA Swimming Women’s Leadership Conference sponsored by the Club Development Division in September 2014.  She led our participants though a two-day summit which included focus on team building, leadership skills and enhancing ones communication style.  The summit was a huge success and it has since encouraged some of the participants to continue their personal growth by registering for other leadership seminars, advocate better for themselves in both the workplace and in their personal lives, and given them the confidence to pursue their goals.  Susan is one of the best facilitators for leadership training I have ever experienced and I would not hesitate to utilize her services again.  We need more of this type of training especially on the collegiate level to help our student-athletes grow their leadership skills and to help them become successful and confident  individuals once they graduate. 

“MJ” Mariejo Truex – USA Swimming


We used your alumni/current team circle to connect our two groups.  The exercise was having two circles…the alumni were in a large circle that surrounded our current team in a smaller circle.  We passed around a soccer ball to each person who articulated what being part of the Gator soccer program had meant to them/given them/equipped them.  This was a great way for the alumni to meet the new players and give the current players a chance to see what the experience of being a Gator looked like with a little bit of perspective from the alums.  I have heard lots of players talk about what they have heard from the older players and how it impacted them, even if not in the moment, but later in their careers/lives.  I also think it has given our current team an idea that they play for a purpose bigger than themselves, which plays into motivation and unselfish behavior.
Keep doing what you’re doing!!!  I love it!

Becky Burleigh 

Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Univ. of Florida – NCAA National Champions


Thank you for the opportunity to let you know how you have influenced me.  I think this is the main idea that I received from the USA Swimming Women’s Leadership Conference presented by you and others.  We all need a support system to be effective leaders.  As women it’s important to build bridges, not burn bridges.  That was not the title or the emphasis of the Leadership Conference but I am finding great value in that principle that you and the others showed and talked about.  I want to help all children have the ability to swim and have success.  To do this I need to build our small LSC and encourage our coaches to go to Leadership classes, like the the USA Swimming Women’s Leadership Conference.  This allows those coaches to have a extended support system and a broader perspective on the value of leadership.

Thank you for your time,

Kathy Mendez
King Marlin Swim Club Co-Head Coach and Co-Owner

Susan, Just a quick note to say thank you.  Your presentation was excellent on Sunday.  Everything you present is so critical to performing well and having a rewarding team experience.  And we are fortunate to have a professional like you to hold our team’s attention.

Steve Fletcher- Head Men’s and Women’s Coach, Rider University

“You touched everyone present (Speakers included) is a deep and heartfelt way. It was a privilege to watch the transformation in the audience from beginning to end. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly in your favor! I would love to have you continue to be a featured speaker in future events”

Sarah Woodbury, Director of the Lasso Workshop