Master Coach Program


Master Coach Workshop — for YMCA, High School, USA Swim Clubs, and College

Investing in the Master Coach Program is an investment in your personal future, your career and the future of your club.  Once you commit to our program, you will select a week that both you and Coach Teeter agree upon.  Coach Teeter will come to your program and work side by side with you, your assistant, your Board of Directors and parent group depending on the goals of the Head Coach.  First and foremost, Coach Teeter will perform a 2-3 hour intake with the Head Coach to set up a daily plan, goals and schedule for the workshop.  Once the schedule is set, it might include the following areas:

  • Working side by side “on-deck” to witness how the coach is coaching and interacting with his/her swimmer and staff
  • Work with the art of articulating your message to a more empowering message
  • Working with assistant coaches to develop career paths
  • Working with the entire staff on philosophy and mission from senior groups to beginning swimmers
  • Helping Head Coach devise a quadrennial training cycle that gets broken down into macro and micro cycles
  • Running behavioral and/or value charts on each staff member **additional charge for this service- see our Behavioral Program information to learn more about how this can benefit your future
  • Identify team and staff goals- 5, 10 year plans
  • Identify professional growth opportunities for the future and their value to the club- also meeting with Board or parents to validate the importance of this for the coaching staff
  • Identify priorities for club and staff to improve weaknesses
  • Set up a mentoring and or monitoring program for the Head and/or assistant coaches
  • Facilitate a staff meeting to create a stronger and more streamlined staff
  • Meet Head Coach at ASCA and help introduce to National level coaches to help create more mentoring opportunities
  • Run debriefing sessions at an ASCA clinic to help coaches identify how the information they are learning can be applied to their respective teams.

Not all of these services are needed by any one team.  If you need a boost, more guidance, a deeper look at your opportunities, contact us now and we can discuss the options you may have for your club.

Coach Teeter is available to do club visits for 2,3 or 4 day visits depending on the overall team goal.  Prices will vary depending on the Teams needs.  Once you contact us, we will send you a full proposal to present to your club. We look forward to working with you soon!

Fees, Travel and Housing will be the responsibility of the club.